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… I want to invite you to join me on my FREE 7-day Audio-Visual Adventure. Fresh songs, colorful music videos, exclusive artwork and behind-the-scenes content. Join me now and I’ll send you a secret link for 7 days, straight to your e-mail inbox.

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You will soon discover that each of my songs and videos has a unique sound, look and feel.  My content is diverse, energetic and engaging. Creating it had me sprinting across alpine glaciers and driving Tuk-Tuks in Thailand…


During our 7-day adventure together, I want to pull back the curtain and let you in: Original songwriting demos as well as the true stories and experiences that drove each song. You get to see, hear and feel it all and will even have the chance to interact with me directly.


Not only will you experience 7 polished songs, music-videos artworks. I have included unreleased, never-before-seen content, deleted scenes and exclusive offers, only available within this FREE 7-Day Adventure.

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"The world needs to hear such a talented musician and prolific lyricist."

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